The Gateway to Awakening

In an earlier post I hinted at the true gateway to awakening. I am not saying that this is the only gateway, but it is a true one. It is a gate that is open to us when we are not identified with thought or any concept about things (one’s self and the world) needing to be any different than they are.
The source is this being NOW with ANY projection of self.
Typically selves that are projected are either in the immediate past or future or the non immediate past or future. This now devoid of projection is IT. We can still have a thought of projection, we can still think about projection, we can still “do” anything – but projection about one’s self or the world MUST be seen as lacking, completely, in reality of ANY kind.
This is it.

Here is another way of understanding this. Read Carefully!
This idea comes from an esteemed Buddhist monk, but it needs to be seen only by you.
He asked, “who wants to be anything?” “Why would you want to be anything?”
Consider these questions. Notice how you WANT to be something. Notice how you NEED to be something. Then go back to his questions.
Why not be you with wanting or needing to be anyone and knowing that you are not anyone. Can you see that?

I will return to this point from time to time, but consider these questions deeply. Let yourself be absorbed by them.


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