The Awakened Human Being

Who is that person who is awakened to the mystery and majesty of the self?
Did you know that you are that person? You are!

Here is a key to finding that person.

Find something you love – it needs to be something that you love with any conditions. It can be a piece of music, a work of art, and even another person – although for nearly all of us, to love another without ANY conditions utterly and absolutely is fleeting. Usually it is less love than it is WANTING.

When you find that thing you love – feel THAT love. Just feel it. This is a love that you would NEVER feel any need to defend because it is so completely natural and immediate to your being.

Now you might imagine someone mocking your love and mocking you on account of it. What would you feel then? Would you have contempt for this person? Would you feel superior to this person? Or might you honor this person with the same complete absence of conditions you hold for the thing you love? Or might that just be an appealing projection of the injured self?

The awakened one is that person that possesses not the slightest need to defend anything about their love. But, awakened “people” do not exist. If we believe them to be real, then they are just bodies through which we cast our lack-based projections.

So what or who is awakened?

Awakening is a the FIELD of you that admits for any condition without needing to pass through any filter.

But this field cannot be so easily accessed. The field is there for you and me, but it is elusive and always untouchable.

Why is that so? The living presence is blocked by any belief (many of which are unconscious) that are held within the personal identity – for it is belief that blocks presence. Belief is the wall, the shadow, the structure that binds us to confusion, defense, longing, and unhappiness.

All things pass and all things come to pass.

Relax the grip on any belief, no matter how sacred and real it might appear, and allow what is to be without defense or conditions. Then and only then to we rouse ourselves out of the dream of the lacking personal self and release ourselves into the field of presence that is love in presence. Particularly allow what you feel beneath the field of belief, for that IS the field of your presence.Technorati Tags: , , ,

  1. #1 by ggw_bach on February 9, 2009 - 9:24 pm

    I’m on that journey too; to become fully realised; fully potentiated. And like you say, the closer you step towards that, the less you feel the need to defend your manner of living; it becomes you, the essential you. One trusts in it entirely, and because it is timeless and eternal, it is not vulnerable to human foibles and criticisms. The joy of “fullness” is quite overwhelming.

    but on the days when you don’t resonate to that field, it can be disheartening. But one ploughs through, in the knowledge that one has attained it before, and will do so again; even if it is a wait of some time.


  2. #2 by adidacausal on February 11, 2009 - 9:04 am

    Hi, if you can move passed trying to teach others, or removing the teacher/student dynamic, then you may start the real process . Otherwise it tends to be the ” emperors new clothes syndrome ” in other words ” I will support your mind base nonsense if you agree to support mine “. This is not a negative comment by the way, just something to consider. Another acid test is ” do I function as an addict ? ” for instance could I go without pizza ( just an example) for even one week and still maintain my “awakening” ? (add any addiction here) thanks !

  3. #3 by hozho1 on February 11, 2009 - 12:49 pm

    You might to be surprised to hear that I strongly agree with you. It’s an issue I’m working on. Hopefully, a better way to stimulate reflection will emerge through this process. Thanks for commenting.

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