A Key to Awakening

For those of use who have sought to make the “enlightenment” break-through, here is an easy pathway to finding the true self that exists as the proverbial “ground of existence.”

In the readings and as we meditate, we seek to be aware. We want to find and “be” the source of awareness. But whatever we “do” there is always the efforting, the wanting to be something we are, apparently, not. So what can we do?

If we look deeply, we note that the question points to the constancy of the personal self. So, the question evolves to, “how does the personal self manifest?”

It tends to manifest in some form of wanting, however subtle the wanting may be. As we notice wanting happening in our life, the entity that notices also tends to want. It wants the wanting to stop. It is an infinite loop of which there is no apparent escape.

Is there a way out?

There IS! By stepping back or by reframing the issue, we note that all wanting is a form of taking sides. This is the key insight or pointer. When we observe, we can also notice that we are, often, taking sides because our personality wants things to be a certain way. Thus what we have taken to be neutral observation is hardly neutral at all. It is a subtle expression of wanting. It is, in fact, a form of taking sides.

Therefore, one way out of this conundrum is to see how we are ceaselessly taking sides and then just stop taking any position on any occurrence or self-expression in our lives. Thus if we read about the tough economy, we notice a reaction of anxiety of some kind – we don’t think “I shouldn’t be experiencing anxiety – I should be neutral.” That is taking a side. This is resistance to the immediate flow of life. Instead, we can just stop taking sides in the presenting experience. If we are not feeling well, we don’t take a sides in that situation. If we loose our job and experience sadness and depression, we don’t take sides.

When we don’t take sides, we discover and entirely new and fresh way of living. We truly flow with whatever is happening in life. We allow whatever our mind/body expresses without taking any side in the situation. Our psychological compulsiveness disappears in an instant. We are free to just enjoy the show no matter what form it assumes. Even if we are dying.

This is Liberation.


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