From a Reader of Liberation from the Lie

Dear Eric
A belief never separates anything except as ever-more conceptual postulations. That is all in the mind. It only seemingly separates. – WHY give it any credence at all? SO long as you keep believing that a belief has some power it will evade detection. It is ALL in the mind and when you look for the mind you cannot find one.
THIS should indicate something exceedingly profound.
What is so common and it seems that everyone repeatedly sidesteps any opportunity to LOOK at it, is this:
As soon as ‘you’ take the position or posture of being ’someone’ trying to achieve ’something’ then ‘you’ have already entered into a paradox that cannot be resolved.
Just because words are expressed in a blunt and frank manner, does not mean that there is any anger within them.
Loving and patient expressions may work efficiently and it may just be ‘what the doctor ordered’. – In my experience it rarely works, if at all – it just keeps the ‘patient’ wanting more lovely images to play with in their mind.
A sign post does not change its clear and brief message to suit the traveler.
Many ‘people’ believe that they have attained a certain amount of ‘enlightenment’ – but they still get offended by words.
If words can offend you, then the one saying the words is doing you a favor, no? To live in a deluded state of mind, believing that ‘I am enlightened’ is a most absurd way to be.There are 15,000 perceivable different shades of gray. White is white. Black is Black.
The White, the Black and the 15,000 shades of gray ‘in between’ all register equally in pure cognition – ‘long before’ any idea of being a ‘person’ turns up. Many ‘people’ are called to serve a ‘higher power’ as priests, ministers, teachers and whatever. – A great number of these, candidates for the luny bin, get corrupted by that same imaginary power. All mind projections.
A little temptation comes along and they take the bait. – Now they are in a real pickle. They have to sidestep their own shortcomings and attempt to preserve the IMAGE of being pure. – This inner turmoil ‘creates’ a torment in the psyche and all manner of obscene ’scenes’ unfold.
There is only one Power – one Presence – one reality – one moment.
The conceptual notion of personal power is nothing but ego. – Yet ego does not exist. – If we get to the source of all ‘our troubles’, we find a ‘foot print’, a ghost of the ‘me’ – and yet it does not exist.
I want to thank you for your kind gift ( you have send me Liberation), thank  you very much.

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