Find the LIGHT That is Your World

In my previous post, I noted how the way we habitually see ourselves forms the content of our life. For example, if I understand myself to be a “problem solver”, life will be abundant and provide me with many problems. As a problem solver, “my” mind will scan its world, using its tool of attention, to find “hot buttons” that will engage my problem solving energy. Without these “hot buttons” life will be dull and lacking in excitement. This also explains why true “spiritual” paths find VERY few real adherents. It just feels and looks boring to the ego and fear-based mind.

Thus, even when we are being “good” spiritual people and refusing to indulge the needs of our habitual self, that self continues to thrive just under the radar of our awareness. How does it do this?

First, let’s go back to our habitual and, perhaps more importantly, believed identity as a “problem solver.” I am a good problem solver. Whew … that’s settled. But then you read my previous blog, and you know, down deep, that you’d rather be free of a thought than a slave to it, so you begin observing this process in your own life in whatever personal identity you’ve formed in your mind. Perhaps you’re a “lady’s man” and you just can’t get your mind off the need to impress “ladies.” But now you’ve embarked on this “spiritual” path and it’s just not clicking for you. How can this be explained?

You might notice that the FOCUS of your habitual identity is one thing (and let’s just say for example it’s being a “lady’s man”), but that the focus manifests within a more diffuse field, which is the habitual you in its more global sense. You see that this Lady’s Man is simply the more focused quality of someone who needs to feel loved or wanted OR, possibly, someone driven by powerlessness and with a need to show the world (the ladies in this case) just how powerful you are, by manipulating them and getting your way with a lady here and a lady there. So the overall “field” of the lady’s man is the absence of authentic self presence. We are this “lady’s man” whose inner emptiness needs to be filled by this energy. We SEE that and we keep on seeing that and we keep on feeling its habitual pull, but this time and the next time, we refuse to indulge it any further than the actual seeing.

Over time, the habitual energy of the pulling false-self field will weaken. We, literally, will molt the false skin of the fear-based self and what is revealed is the shining authentic self that lives NOW just beneath the surface of your habitual being. This is the path. SEE for yourself.

You are the light of your world.

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