Life’s Greatest Error

Can you imagine living your whole life without ever finding out who you are? Instead of living as your authentic, core self, all of your life was lived like a pinball machine just bouncing from one thought to another, one feeling to another, one fear to another.

How sad would that be? But most of us live the whole of our lives on the periphery of our being. We die without ever knowing who we were.

As long as we insist that we are only our thoughts, beliefs, opinions, and fears, we can only live as a Fear-Self that whose false life consists of this fast passing show.

Is that the life you would choose, if you knew that there was a self below the surface of that storm; a content, radiant self? When we live our life fully identified with our thoughts, we are living in a constant race to be something, for we are never enough. We can feel it, down deep there is something wrong. But rather than question its validity, we assume that it is normal, that inner suffering is just part of being a human being.

This is not true. This inner pain, that we may notice only in the quiet of night, is an echo of our own traumatic Big Bang. It’s the deepest kernel of fear and injury we possess. It is this background “noise” that turns us into restless souls who can only know true contentment when a desire is briefly realized.

To live life this way is the greatest error we can make and nearly all of us make it.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There is another path; it is the path less taken, but it is a path that has been taken and there are companions that can help us on this path, but we will need to see the error believing that who we are can be found in our thoughts. We need to understand that this struggling person we believe ourselves to be is just a complex ruse, it’s just an adaptation to a core trauma, this primal Big Bang. Until we have this level of understanding, we will not be able to take that first step into the light. It is this first step that is most crucial.


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