The Still Point – Commentary on the Luminous Field

When we explore the self we discover that there is no self to be found. So, when it is realized that we are the still point – the luminous field on which everything appears – changes – and disappears – certain understandings become apparent. We realize that we are nothing that can be perceived or expressed. When it is seen that we are not even an image of anything, we are then free to just be, after all, what choice to we have – we can only be.

This beingness is really quite amazing for on it everything is – everything that can be seen and unseen (thoughts, feelings, emotions). Without this remarkable field of being nothing can be. The Field holds nothing and nothing can hold it. This is Liberation in its most perfect sense.


This field cannot be attained because it is who we are prior to any mentation or ‘efforting’. It is neither a consequence of thought or feeling. It is the isness prior to either thought or feeling.

There is a beautiful commentary on this luminous field in Stephen Mitchell’s new Book The Second Book of the Tao – in his commentary on verse 6 of the Tao To Ching. If you can, check it out.


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