What Makes Liberation from the Lie Unique?

What makes Liberation from the Lie unique?

I wrote Liberation from the Lie because of the overall failure of nearly every other approach to awakening. I asked myself these questions:

  • Why was awakening to the truth of presence so difficult?
  • Why do most of us struggle with depression, seeking, and persistent stress?
  • What is missing from the teachings of Buddhism, nonduality, and even psychological therapy?

While everyone’s path is subtly different, there is much more we have in common than what sets us apart. My own ‘intellectual’ breakthrough came as a result of reading Morris Berman’s Wandering God. The evidence presented by Professor Berman clearly showed that depression, restless seeking, and persistent anxiety are not endemic to the human condition. They are, in fact, relatively recent developments that are tied to how we are raised and socialized.

I integrated what I learned from Wandering God with my direct experience working with traditional Navajo healers and my extensive immersion in the philosophies of Buddhism and Nonduality.

The result was a comprehensive approach to understanding and a direct path to self awakening that is Liberation from the Lie.

What sets Liberation apart from every other book available to the reader is the remarkable and life changing realization of the Wound and the ensuing Fear-Selves. On account of our primal Wound, we naturally developed an array of Fear-Selves. It became clear to me that the person suffering from persistent depression and anxiety, the person endlessly seeking spiritual awakening, and even those of us struggling to make sense of our lives were, in fact, forms of the Fear-Self. They were not the authentic person.

This was the life-changing insight and this is what makes Liberation from the Lie unique. This book presents a comprehensive explanation why conventional forms of therapy and spiritual practice cannot work for most of us. As long as we believe we are a Fear-Self, we will spend the rest of our lives spinning our wheels believing that we are making “progress” when we are sustaining a deeper belief in a person that is false. The seeker, the stressed-out person, the depressed person, none of these are our authentic identities. As long as we continue “working” on these artifacts of the Wound, no enduring transformation will result.

This book presents an easy to understand pathway to understanding how these false-selves evolved in us and what keeps them going. Until we understand the immensely powerful role they play in our lives, we will continue living under the trance of the false authority.

This is both the truth and the way out.


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