From Annette Nibley

When Will I See the Mind as False?

If the mind is a particularly active one, it can appear to “interfere” with how we want things to go. It might seem like a problem to be intelligent and analytical, and have a strong ego. We might think, “I must turn my back on the ego! I must leave the mind behind!”, but this turns out not to be the case. Those things – ego, mind – never even existed. There is no need for any battle or struggle to win out over the mind. The mind is seen as false, and bingo. That’s it.

When is the mind seen as false? How is it accomplished? Right now, simply come back to the present, and notice that you are aware. Now. The mind really cannot bother you here. You are here, aware of the mind. Sure, there are many things the mind would like to know about this awareness, and we have a tendency to say “Once I get just this one more thing figured out, I’ll have it.” That’s the trap, and don’t fall for it.

Keep coming back to this peace, this being, this presently-occurring awareness, and rest for a moment in the clarity of what is taking all this in. There is nothing to trouble you here, no more seeking to do! You are here! Always, right now, your seeking is over. You keep coming back, to right now, to noticing the awareness that holds all the thoughts. The awareness is always here, and it is all that is really going on.

The answer to my question above: When is the mind seen as false? The answer is: now. Now. Now. Over and over (seemingly in time, but it’s only eternally now – you are never anywhere else), come back to this present awareness, not with the intention of noticing all the current torturous thoughts, but with the intention of noticing the awareness within which the thoughts buzz around, unimportant and redundant, like busy little gnats. The awareness is always the same, eternal, undivided, clear, and we become friends with it, because it is reliable. And so it becomes familiar, and it becomes magnetic, and it becomes easier and easier to return to right now, where the mind and its junk can’t touch you, can’t reach you.

Right now, this awareness is the only thing you need to concern yourself with. All the rest is pointless to attend to mentally, because THIS is the ONLY real thing you’re ever left with, no matter what the mind and the eager person manages to “accomplish” out there in the dream story. No matter what gets accomplished in the story, by a clever, analytic person, THIS is all there ever is to depend on. THIS, meaning this awareness, your undeniable sense right now that this awareness takes it all in, and is untroubled by it.

You’re not going to miss the boat if you stop paying attention to the mind. The boat you want to catch does not even exist in the mind. Nothing happening in the mind-world is of any consequence, so you are held harmless if you let mind-stuff be unattended to, any time you want. There is no risk of being left behind if you simply, every moment it occurs to you, return your attention to right now, to this spontaneous awareness that is all there is. There are no events, no goings-on here. No boats to catch. It’s peaceful. Nothing can happen here. Nothing can touch you or harm you. Relax.

If you turn your attention away from your mind and towards this present, clear awareness right now, you are not going to miss the big revelation that the mind promises you it has waiting – the revelation of the secret of permanent enlightenment! The mind promises this, and it’s all a bunch of crap. There is no “you,” no enlightenment. There is only now. So don’t be afraid to turn your back on the shiny goodies the mind offers. It’s lying to you. The mind is ALWAYS lying to you. Notice the impersonal awareness within which the lies appear. That is who you are.

“Now” does not imply that you are still looking for some “now” that exists in the future – see how tricky the mind is? “Annette found this ‘now’ that allowed her to rest permanently in the awareness!” No, it’s not a future “now” that you have to be more advanced, more clear to achieve. It is literally, right now, I am asking you to notice right now this awareness that is obviously containing all thoughts, all happenings. That’s all I’m doing, literally. That’s all Nisargadatta was doing.

This is something you do many, many times, as often as you think of it. It becomes a habit, and you find the mind stops holding the fascination it once did. You return your attention more and more to this simple awareness, and the life has no more problems. The problems never existed.

Right now, there is just this awareness. Let this be all you know.

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  1. #1 by Mike Regan on April 16, 2016 - 6:33 pm

    The mind is “false” and yet the mind is used to write this? To me the mind is not false at all and in needed to guide the soul. This life is a test to see how much love there is in you, and the mind is a part of this test. If no test, how is the Creator of souls able to know the value of His creation? What is spoken of here is the “before” from which we are to return sooner or later, but reality at hand is the “now” where there is no before or after; only truth. Truth is what all seek but never seem to find. But should you be so fortunate to find … you will be amazed and want to tell the whole world. But alas you must not; only to say what has already been said, and this you must seek for yourself.

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