Nothing to Get

Also notice, within awareness, that there is NOTHING TO GET! Most of us make a subtle bargain in our spiritual practice. Will do the mindfulness stuff, we’ll try to enter the void-like zone of nonduality, but we also want to GET SOMETHING out of the process. We might follow the spiritual rules, but we are still primarily identified with WANTING.

When we are identified with WANTING, we sustain our much deeper identity with inadequacy, insufficiency, and worthlessness (unlovability); the Invalidation Triad. There is no problem in that, as long as it’s recognized. We recognize it just by watching its psychological play in our lives. We don’t try to “solve” or “work-out” anything. We just watch.

So, take a walk, spend time with a friend, and open to void-like openness of awareness WITHOUT trying to get anything out of it. It’s often fun watching how the desperate ego continues to want to get something, but don’t fall for its ruse.
What does that FEEL like?



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