The Weightlessness of Awareness

I wanted to talk a little more about the contrasting qualities of awareness and thought.

Yesterday I said that thinking conjures up a world of “things”, while awareness is a world of “process”. Thoughts create nouns and awareness creates verbs.

Anything we make into a thing has weight … substance. Therefore when perceived within the field of awareness, thoughts – feelings – emotions – have weight.

The weight they possess is the tie between the projected “issue” (positive or negative) and the projected self. So, when we feel nervous or anxious, our thoughts will have the quality of weight to them.

Notice how awareness is without weight. It is, literally, the incredible lightness of being.


It’s incredible how this perfect lightness of being can carry the most weighty of stressed out thoughts.

When we identify with the weighty qualities within awareness, we are identified with the projected personal self. When that identification loosens and we can fall into a much more subtle identity, being self as awareness, there is the incredible lightness of being.

No matter how bad you might feel, that lighter, utterly free self is there holding up all of the weight of the universe.

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