Whipping Life Into Shape – Thought in Action.

Right now, think about your experience. Categorize it. Judge it.

Now reflect on what thought has done.

I would suggest that thought has attempted to “nail down” an experience. First there is openness. But try as we might, we just can’t TRUST that openness. We need to know life, to categorize it. We fear what we can’t control. We fear the wild.

So, we need to know.

We believe that if we don’t know, life will be out of control. We won’t know who we are. We won’t know where we are.

We need to domesticate experience. It is too wild for us. Just like our parents who didn’t trust our natural being, we too can’t trust our natural being. We need to make it obedient to thought, to our conditioning, to our socialization. I need to be this source of obedience. I need to whip living reality into something I can control.

Does this describe thought? Does this describe you?

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