The Primary Error of Life

The fundamental error of life is the belief that we are doing something. The cost of this error is a life of struggle, hardship, and seeking for relief.

The fundamental truth of life is that we do nothing. The value of integrating this truth into one’s life is beyond measure.

How can it be known that we do nothing?

I’ve noticed that everything just happens and that the “I“, I might believe myself to be, has nothing to do with it. Hunger, fatigue, the moment I fall asleep, feelings of love, thoughts about what I need to do, concerns about the future, regrets about the past – all happen on their own. I can see absolutely no evidence that I will them into being.

Do you know what you will be thinking 2 minutes from now? Are your thoughts and feelings a result of intentional creation? If so, wow do you manufacture your thoughts? If you believe that you will your thoughts and feelings, then why do you have bad and unpleasant thoughts and feelings? Do you control all of your thoughts?

The essential message of the Dao De Jing.

The essential message of the Dao De Jing wu wei or doing nothing

If you like French Fries, is that liking something you willed into being or is it a consequence of how your body responds to French Fries and you really have no idea how or why it does that. Do you always like French Fries? Don’t our bodies change at how the respond to elements of our world.

Everything, without exception, just happens. Everything.

So when we believe the LIE that we are doing something, we are taking possession of something that doesn’t belong to us. We are stealing from the Tao of existence. If you believe in god, then you are taking her light away from him (ha ha).

That is the path of suffering.

We block the light of creation when we believe the lie that we are the do-er. The key to liberation is the profound realization that we do nothing and that the false belief in our doership is the source of all of our suffering. Even if we do suffer, that too is just another happening. It arises. It flourishes, and it dissipates, and ultimately disappears. So it is with all happenings. Our bodies are born, they flourish, and they die.

It is not up to us to “know” the do-er. It cannot be known. But, it can be seen. That seeing is the truth of our being … our presence. This is who we are. God or the Tao or the Universe finds its truth in us! This is how the cosmos works. We are the radiant light that sees the limitless and ever-changing doing of the universe.

This is the truth that can set us free.



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