Film: "Let the Right One In"

I wanted to talk about the Swedish movie “Let the Right One In”. It is an extraordinarily quiet movie about a lonely boy and a female vampire living in what appears to be public housing in an unnamed town somewhere in Sweden in Winter.

The movie is just incredibly poignant. Within the profound quiet of this intense film, a savage narrative develops of struggle, youth bullies, and just a transcendent love affair between the female vampire and a young, alienated Swede. This boy is the vulnerable target of school bullies. We learn that it’s really handy to have a vampire as your best friend when the going gets tough, but I don’t want to give anything away.

The Mysterious Vampire of Let the Right One In

The Mysterious Vampire of Let the Right One In

I was also impressed by the nearly invisible, but powerful special effects used in this movie. A lot of their power come from their subtlety. Unlike so many American movies, where effects are the movie and they aggressively shoved into the face of the viewer, this film uses effects to elevate the power of the story – they are also so strange and eerie that they contribute to the palpable strangeness of the story-telling.

In a way, the disquieting tone of this film is a little like “Silence of the Lambs” – perhaps the greatest suspense film ever made.

If you’ve seen this remarkable film, let me know. Let’s talk about it.



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