Invasion of the Body Snatchers – Wake Up Before It’s Too Late!

If we’ve done any Buddhist practice or have been exposed to nonduality philosophy at all, most of us already know that psychological thought is, essentially, garbage. It is the source of all our suffering.

People Still Worship Psychological Thought

People Still Worship Psychological Thought

We know this, but how many people live their lives from this level of understanding?

Here is a trap I have fallen into many times. I start with this understanding, but here’s where the trouble starts. I then seek a thought designed to make this “Now” meaningful or pleasant. In other words, I drift right back to the thought world. I “think” I’m resting in full openness, when, in fact, I’m still seeking good feeling thoughts.

Have you seen this in your own experience?

The key is to see the pattern. It is the weight of many, many years of living life as a habit. It is the shadow of the false self and it is this shadow which darkens nearly every moment of our lives.

Thought makes a commodity out of life. It “feels” so familiar – and it is! The Now is always new and we won’t be able to experience its newness when it is covered over by a grey level of thought. It’s like living life with filthy glasses. This is the thought of “getting something” out of what’s happening. Psychological thought is always of the ego. It’s always on the hunt to get something, anything out of whatever is happening. And, whenever, it is seeking, it is also projecting a better future than any Now.

So to truly live the now, we need to see this “hunting” self as precisely the false self that takes us over.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Have you seen the movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”? In this wonderful film, aliens, in the form of huge seed pods, land on earth with an assigned human to “take over”. When the person falls asleep (see the connection?), the alien form assumes the exact form of the living, feeling human being and takes it over.

Our lives are little different when we are dominated by our psychological thought.

Stop being an alien (“before it’s too late (taken right from the film)) – and rest in the perfect openness that you are.


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