Film: "Sin Nombre" – A Harrowing Passage to America

Sin Nombre

Sin Nombre

From Mexico comes “Sin Nombre”, a film about the extraordinary migration of the desperately poor from Honduras to the Texas border. To get to the United States they must hop trains, avoid the Mexican Army, Mexican Immigration Officials, find enough food to survive, but most of all they need to avoid the hyper tatooed Mexican gangs that patrol the many hundreds of miles between Chiapas in the South all the way to Rio Grande.

The main character is a young woman, Sayra (played by Paulina Gaitan) who befriends and, ultimately, falls in love with one of the gang members; Willy (Edgar Flores). They meet when a gang head honcho attempts to rape Sayra and then tries to slit her throat when she resists. Edgar kills the assailant and from this point forward becomes a marked man.

The couples harrowing journey through the brutal realms of migrants is apocryphal.  Life hangs by a thread. Brutality, hope, and hopelessness all play their epic roles in this world captured beautifully by its director, American born Cary Fukunaga.

If you’ve seen “Sin Nombre”, what did you think of it?I noticed that it had a less than stellar rating at I found it riveting, although my companion was somewhat less engrossed.

Click here for the official Trailer of “Sin Nombre“.


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