Tea Parties: A Great Place for Racists and Hate Mongers to Mingle

I just love how hate and division morph in America. It will always need an outlet. This week its the pathetically false idea that American are taxed without representation. This country, like too many others, has always been a particularly fertile field for hate, nurtured by ignorance, to flourish.

Now Governor Perry of Texas has talked about his state’s succession from these here United States because of Obama’s reckless spending. Mr. Perry is a cotton farmer. Cotton, I learned in today’s NY Times, is the one crop for which the federal government pays for all of its storage. Texas, in addition, receives more federal assistance than it pays in. Moreover, Obama has lowered taxes for 95% of US taxpayers. Texans love talking about their deep, blood-red patriotism, so why does the idea of secession get them all excited and happy?

These tea party people pretend that they are inspired by the men of Boston who rightfully protested against taxation without representation. They are nothing like these authentic patriots, because they not only have representation, but they also are the direct recipients of tax reduction.

So what is really going on?

Hate Thrives Where There is Division

Hate Thrives Where There is Division

This is just good old fashioned racism from white – largely “Christian”, proud to be ignorant, america. These people are probably appalled that a man who they believe should be a janitor somewhere is running “their” country. Do you remember when these same people rose in fury when Michelle Obama said in 2008, that for the first time, she was proud of her country, because ordinary Americans could vote for a black man for president. Now these same dividers talk proudly of secession. I say, let them go!

Let’s give them what they want. After all, this is exactly the part of the country which is a terrible drain on federal revenues. Let’s stand together for fiscal fairness and let Texas, Alaska, and all the rest of these unhappy states go their own way and let them haggle with how to apportion farm subsidies, health care, college aid and all the rest.

Why begrudge them their right to be free?

  1. #1 by sancho on April 20, 2009 - 3:04 pm

    I’ll have to say that you are absolutely wrong about this one. Do your homework a bit and you’ll see what the whole tea party thing is all about. It started mainly through the Ron Paul campaign last year in protest of corrupt tax systems and corrupt governments. It has nothing at all to do with racism or hate, it has to do with a fed up populace that is demanding better judgment and representation from it’s elected government. Racism doesn’t play into this one bit. Doesn’t mean racists aren’t taking part of any tea parties, but there are also black, mexicans, stoners, conservatives, libertarians, liberals, etc.

    Stop repeating inaccurate talking points and views. Think for yourself, question authority.

    • #2 by Eric on April 20, 2009 - 3:10 pm

      Hey Sancho,
      It’s fine not to agree. I did watch a fair amount of coverage of the ‘tea parties’. I presented my honest view on what they were doing.
      Consider the notion – ‘taxation with representation’ – how true is that? Granted your elected representatives may not reflect your views – that’s true for me as well, but I could never claim ‘taxation without representation’ which is some of the nonsense expressed by these ‘parties’. I am represented – and I voted for my current representatives (minus one senator).
      Also, I am very disappointed with this government – even with the representation.
      In any case, THANKS for communicating. That’s what this is about.

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