Stop the Bullshit and Start Waking Up to the Truth

While it may be a little pompous to claim that there has been a public reaction to my blog and youtube postings, I’m just not sufficiently popular to have the right to talk about a “public response”, but I have noticed an undercurrent that suggests that what I have to say can be a bit of a turn off – that I’m a little bleak.

People (read egos) love words that uplift them. We cling to positive messages as was of treating our insecurity. So we hunger for messages that tell us just how wonderful we are and how right our way of life is. We get a charge out of things that make us sound good and right and on the right track and doing the right thing … It makes us feel good about ourselves. Hooray for us!

Wake up to the truth! Nearly 80% of your fellow human beings drink fouled water, most live in stinking slums, and many struggle to put food on the table twice a day – not to mention Taco Bell’s yummy 4th Meal!

Wake up to the truth. The planet itself is dying. We are living (and some of us are thriving) through one of the greatest and fastest extinctions in the planet’s history. Natural habitat is being gobbled up by hungry and desperate farmers and by corporate monstrosities like Burger King and MacDonalds at a record pace.

Wake up to the truth. We live in a country which is number one in the release of carbon into the atmosphere. We, you and I, are the biggest contributors to global warming among all countries. We are not living through the new age of light and wonderment, rather these emissions are increasing and the earth suffers, the plants and animals die. Let’s meditate!

Wake up to the truth. We live in a country with the largest percentage of people behind bars. We live in a country with the greatest number of people living behind bars. We live in the most criminally violent country in the world (it’s not Mexico).

Wake up to the truth. Our military industrial complex is, by far, the largest in the world. We have bases throughout the world. Our military would put to shame that of Rome at her height with respect to world control. Our military spending is more than most of the world’s PUT TOGETHER!

Wake up to the truth. With all of our wealth, with all of our knowledge about how to create a fair and equitable society, about 50% of inner city young people drop out of high school. Look around and see the legacy of racism. Start getting real.

Let’s stop the bullshit rhetoric right now and get straight with the truth. Let’s stop the high sounding words and get to work cleaning up our own house. Let’s get real before things really get bad.

Look inside yourself. What is true? What is really really true?

We are called to go through the hard work of purification here and now. If we really change, our world will change. It must happen that way. There will be struggle, but look at LIFE – struggle IS life. Life is also love. Life is also cooperation. Life is. See if that is not true.

We’ve grown fat. We’ve grown lazy. We prefer the sound of our mouths than the work of our souls.

Wake up to your passion. Come alive to ALL of your brothers and sisters with whom we live in the deepest of connection. Take responsibility for your actions. Let the love that is real resound here and now.


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