Getting the Prescriptions You Need

This blog is dedicated to finding happiness of all kinds in THIS NOW of our life. Healthcare is a key element of living a full life. In keeping with that spirit, thanks to my wife who specializes in this field, here is a strategy to getting the meds you need with or without health insurance. I hope you find it helpful.

It’s going to be a long time before there is real health care reform in the United States. In the meantime, here’s an approach to getting the most from fulfilling your prescriptions.

1. If the prescribed med is denied by your insurance; first find out if your insurance will pay for it, if you doctor submits a prior authorization request;

2. If it’s an exclusion of the policy, ask if they will make an exception.

3. If they still say no, ask your doctor if there is a generic or other medicine that will do what you need.


4. Find out if the med is available at Walmart’s $4.00 prescription program (one of about 300 meds Walmarts sells for 4 bucks, regardless of insurance).

5. Find out if you qualify for a pharmaceutically based low or no cost patient assistance program.

6. Let’s say none of these ideas work and you have to pay out of pocket – if your medical expenses total enough of your income – they are tax deductible.

7. Some states have relief programs for people who have high medical costs (the lower your income, the better your chances.

Hope this helps.


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