Stop Negating Yourself and Find Authentic Love

The purpose of this post is to place attention on a common misinterpretation of nonduality teachings. The problem pointed out in this short article even effects the most renowned teachers of Buddhism, as well as Advaita (nonduality). I am referring to an interpretation of these teachings that results in the total negation of the self. When we negate ourselves, we sustain our underlying identification with inadequacy. This is an escape from who we are.

So many seekers strive to experience total opennes with all that is, with the ironic exception of themselves. It is a direct path to killing one’s passion for the simplistic pleasures of zoning out and samadhi. The whole purpose of Liberation is to come alive to who we are! I can’t recommend strongly enough suggest taking a careful reading of this article: “How a Zen Mater Found the Light (Again)” from the NY Times – April 26th, 2009. You must find the authentic LOVE of self, if you are ever to experience your own liberation. Anything short of this is false enlightenment and is, merely, another attempt of the ego to escape pain, albeit a sophisticated one. This is the truth that challenges most seekers. This is the truth that needs to be seen and experienced directly

This is NOT simple – the legacy of invalidation is immense in the modern world and it manifests in the most subtle of ways. (this is why I wrote Liberation from the Lie) Know that not only are individuals invalidated, but the stain of invalidation characterizes groups, religions, organization, and even countries.  In a spiritual context, it can manifest as seeking to negate the “energetic presence” (a Sailor Bob term) that is our authentic nature. While the ground of awareness may be the same among all people (how could we ever know that for certain?), how we manifest in the sensed world is unique. That is the paradox of awakening. Grounded in awareness we are utterly open to THIS. When we are fully open, we can create in the context of that openness and the love that infuses it. This is the basis of great art and brilliant science, as well as caring for another or a million other possibilities.



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