A Meditation You Can do Any and All of the Time

The ego driven self is always on the move. It seeks. It runs here and there. It is always confronted with decisions and choices it needs to make. But the Self goes nowhere, yet is everywhere. It is still and calm even in the most powerful storms of ego-driven life. With that knowledge, try this:

Whatever your body/mind is doing, get into the feeling of the Self that is going nowhere within the activity – absolutely nowhere. Do this even when you’re doing the most trivial activity. If you’re putting away the dishes, the Self goes nowhere. The Self isn’t even all that into the movement of the body/mind. It is utter stillness. When you need to make some kind of choice, see the action of the body/mind from the utterly still pivot of the Self.

Feel the excitement of the body/mind wanting to move onto the next activity. Let it do what it wants – don’t interfere, don’t correct, don’t fix anything – they are ALL the actions of the body/mind.  You are fully resting in the stillness of the Self. You don’t need to do ANYTHING about the action of the body/mind. You don’t even need to watch it with undo attention. The Self has no need to go anywhere or do anything.

Now get a sense of the bigger plans of the body/mind. You want to finish your college degree, you want to achieve in your career, you want to compose a great song, you want to have sex with this very special person, you want companionship, you want your partner to love you, you want to get away from that partner that’s driving you crazy – see ALL of that as the actions of the body/mind, but from the utterly indifferent and still center of the Self. None of it matters to the Self. But the Self has no investment in the actions or their absence of the body/mind. Whatever happens, happens.

As you do this meditation, you will notice that all of the urgency of the body/mind will become a lot less powerful and compelling. It too becomes quiet. In its place the radiance of the still center will be elevated within consciousness. It will be feeling of great centeredness and balance. Life will be alive and beautiful, for that is the life of the Self.

A Stream - Photo by Eric

A Stream - Photo by Eric


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