The Difference between Ego and Wisdom

Wisdom is connection.

Ego is separation.

Let’s take a look at the difference.

I see that cars contribute to the deterioration of the planet. I see and smell their exhaust. I see the roads that cover the planet, the vast expanses of parking lots, the oil industry, its ships, its derricks, its smoke. I can see and understand the impacts it makes on the overall well being of the earth.

So, I chose to walk or bike instead of drive whenever possible. This is immediate action in service to awareness. I enjoy the feel of my body as it moves.

This is wisdom.

Now I start disliking people who drive all the time. I start feeling superior to these unevolved people. I continue doing errands on foot or by bike, but I know that I am better than these ignorant people.

This is ego.

We can apply this to all of life.

What do we do when we see separation in ourselves (as we will). We see it. This is the GREAT LEVELER. We see it in ourselves and we feel a smile on our face.

This is connection.

Now, where does this seeing take you?


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