Wu Wei – Doing Nothing and Everything is Done

Wu Wei  Doing Nothing

Wu Wei Doing Nothing

What happens when “you” do nothing?
Did you birth yourself?
Do you choose your death?
Do You do the seeing?
Do You do the hearing?
Do You do the tasting?
Do You choose your thoughts?
Do You choose your feelings?

If you are rigorously honest with yourself, the answer to each of these questions (and so many more) must be “no”, a real emphatic “NO“..
Then – let life live you. Trust!
Fall into life – if we see the truth and I mean REALLY see the truth of life, that is the most transformative, heroic, and loving act we can do.
We sever the ties to FEAR. Sever it fully and see how beautifully you survive the fall.
Wu Wei – Doing Nothing


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