Liberation Delivers to You The Cure for Anxiety and Depression

The next five posts on this blog will deliver to all who choose to listen a cure for anxiety and depression. So stay tuned!

This will be the What-Why-Who-How-Wow of healing. These processes will work for you.

This won’t be a touchy-feely approach. It won’t be intellectual either. It will be a hard look at what is true and what is false. The Truth Will Set You Free and when we can see the false as false and the true as true, you are free. I assure you of that.

You too will believe this to be true. There is only one ground rule that I ask you to take seriously. You need to be ruthlessly honest with yourself. Right now you are in LOVE with a lie (hence the Lie in the title of my book Liberation from the Lie). All you will need to do is fall out of love with this lie.

Here is the first truth: If you’re persistently depressed or anxious – then you are believing in ideas and identities that have absolutely no basis in truth. You are living in darkness and, to make matters appear worse, you are living in a trance.

The purpose of these posts will be to awaken you of the falseness which you now assume are true. In these posts you are asked to suspend belief in what you believe is true. Unless you’re willing to do this, the healing power of these posts cannot work for you.

So be brave – learn how to become your own healer.

Later today (May 7,2009), the first post WHAT will be posted. If you have any questions about its content, you need to contact me. Ask questions, demand the truth.

One last proviso. Know that no one can heal you but you. There are no therapists, counselors, partners, or gurus who can make us see the truth. Only we can do that. So the responsibility for our own healing lies in our own hearts and minds. Let this power delight you.

You have all you need right now. Know this truth first and be ready to take the first step.


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