How to Clean the Self

Everything needs cleaning – even the self.

But how do we clean the self?

It’s easy – and it’s not so easy.

When psychological discomfort arrives, as it surely will, just allow it to express itself fully. Don’t do anything to block it or ameliorate it. Don’t interpret it or try changing it in any way. Just let it be what it wants to be.

This is how nature cleanses the self. The pain will pass. Just go about your day, but the one thing you won’t do is try talking yourself out of it or analyzing it. Just let it be. There is nothing easier than allowing, but it may be tough to allow pain – but this is what we all need to do when pain arrives. It wants to be. It is like a storm – it arrives – it manifests – and it passes.

When it passes – ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It’s like the bright and clear sunlight after a storm. The air is clear, everything is in order.

The Sky After the Storm


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