Living the Authentic Self – Living as Loving Light to Everything as IT Is

Just a little interlude from the depression/anxiety series – in the form of something I very rarely do – namely to give a some advice.

Starting today STOP following the badgering voice in your head. Instead allow everything to be just as it is, including your internal voice, but place no more attention on it than you would on any other minor item that expresses itself in your consciousness.


See yourself as the eternal force that allows EVERYTHING to be just as it is. See it as still – as the empty light within which everything passes through. See this force as your heart. Get a feel for the love that resides in this place. See everything arise and fall away within the perfect seeing – touching – hearing light. Go with no flow, but feel the flow of existence as running through you.

Do what you love – what brings you joy – and if not doing what appears to not give you joy – see if you can find the spark of excitement there. It’s waiting just for you.

Feel the vastness … just feel everything with your light. This is the you before you were fallen by the King Thought.


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