The “Why” of Depression/Anxiety Part Deux (2B)

When we left off yesterday, there was a contrast made between hunter/gatherers and modern people. We can draw meta conclusions from this comparison – first not much “happened” in the HG world. In the modern world we both crave and fear things happening, for this is a turbulent world. The internet has made things so much more dynamic. We have the 24 hour news cycle, we have endless stuff to check out, we have facebook, we have …

The HG world was one of enduring trust. There was no need needed to strive for security, despite the ever-presence of danger. We are the opposite. We live in a relatively secure world, yet are haunted by insecurity. We must achieve or we are nothing (more on this later in the Why? section).

In the HG world, children were seen as directly connected to the same spirit that made the world. But in these times they are “my” kids and these kids need to learn fear (separation from the life givers shortly after birth, forced to sleep in their own room, need for discipline, obedience becomes confused with love, the very young child must learn the cruel lesson that loves is earned and not freely given). Tell me if this is NOT true.

Which all brings us back to the King Thought (KT). When a child is raised in fear, when a child sees that he is NOT okay exactly as he is, when a child learns that love is earned through obedience, when a child is told a thousand times that he is not right – a new identity is born. Can you guess what it is???????

It’s a pre-verbal sensation/feeling that I’m not okay. Unlike my parents, I am defective. This is the birth of the KT. Now from this point forward, we lose contact with our authentic self. This is the Why of depression and anxiety. We come to believe that we are someone we are not.

This explains the relative balance and self-assuredness of the HG child when compared with the emotionally volatile quality of modern children raised in a consumerist culture.

The KT is pain – it is all but unendurable. In Liberation from the Lie I refer to this traumatic pain as the Wound. You can check it out in much more detail by clicking on “wound” in the post tag cloud.

Unhappy Girl

Unhappy Girl

Because this pain is just so bad, we need to adapt – we need to make it go away. We will get to just how this happens when we explore the next question word; Who?

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