Another Liberation Response to the Flaw of Eastern Philosophy Post

I would like to try to add a little clarity to what I noted earlier. Nonduality can be an escape from the challenges of living in a complex society, but it doesn’t have to be. I wrote a book about this call Liberation from the Lie. Until we see the source of our fears and why we might want to escape the truth (the Fear-Based Self), we will never find our Authentic Being. This Authentic Being is connected to everything and everyone. When we discover our authentic being we can live from a place of real compassion, empathy and partnership. This is love. I can’t tell you how I’m moved by just the sound of just the wind. We are all connected. But when we live a life that is NOT connected, that is separate on account of our religion of spiritual philosophy, then we risk failing the call of life.

But this is not an easy or simple path. The journey described in Liberation from the Lie asks us to be courageous and rigorously honest with ourselves. We need to question every belief that we support from a position of faith, including a belief in one’s inadequacy, insufficiency, or worthlessness (for these identifications underlie our compulsion to achieve or to cling to our pathos). We also need to question our beliefs about the world’s inadequacy, insufficiency, and worthlessness. When we are free of beliefs, only can we live as truth.


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