The Key to Finding the Self

This WORKS!!!

There is only pathway that I know of that leads to finding out who we truly are and that is resting in and as awareness.

Be willing to watch anything from the vantage point of awareness. Stop aligning your belief in who you believe you are with any idea, image, feeling, emotion, situation, memory, or future projection that arises in the mind.

Just do this and before long you will find out who you truly are.

If you cling to a particular idea, thought, future projection, etc., just watch that clinging. That’s where growth manifests. The more you cling, the deeper the belief.
We are not any belief no matter how integral or beautiful it might sound!

You will experience a sense of joy and lightness and freedom that you never thought was possible.

Awareness is not a state – its just the formless source of awareness – end of story.

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