The Wise Self: Dialogue Number 1 with Mr. Liberation

Today we are visiting with Mr. Liberation. We will be asking him several questions about his ideas on the True Self. Ahhhhh – here’s Mr. Liberation now. Let’s get started.



Mr. L

Mr. L

Q. Hello Mr. Liberation. How are you today?
L. Very well. Thanks for asking. How are you?
Q. Well also. Thanks. Do you mind if we get started?
L. Not at all.
Q. Could you talk about what you mean about the authentic self and please don’t use fancy or confusing language. I think our listeners would prefer clarity.
L. I will try to be clear. The authentic self is who we are prior to our Wounding and the subsequent development of the False-Selves. It is, literally, the light of our lives.
Q. This is not at all clear. First of all you haven’t really answered my question and you referred to a Wound without any explanation at all. You don’t seem to be making any real effort at all. Could you be clearer?
L. I will try. I am often quite lazy with my language. My apologies.
We can’t know who we are until we see or even better, feel, our Wound and the Fear-Selves. But before we can do that we need to be very clear about what the Wound is. Until we understand the theory, we will never understand what follows. That’s why I was rather vague with my first response.
Q. So what is the Wound?
L. Before we are wounded, we must be attacked. In this case, we are the victim of circumstance.
Q. I’m afraid we’re not off to such a good start.

L. Virtually all of us are born perfect. We are a direct reflection of the creative intelligence of the universe, but as very small babies, we are very vulnerable to our external environment. Unless our parents see us as, literally, perfect expressions of the creative intelligence of the universe, which is very unlikely, and love us as we are and not as they would prefer us to be, then we will become wounded. We are wounded by being isolated from our life givers, by being frequently corrected, told to keep quiet, separated, having to deal with sibs of similar age, of being unjustly disciplined, of needing to be molded by the fears and insecurities of the life givers. This creates the Wound. The Wound is agony for the very young child. The Wound is something that must be overcome and so begins a lifetime of seeking love, security, and balance. Because this seeking is rooted in the Wound and not our authentic being, it is never fully satisfactory or grounded. It is always shaky and fear driven. We will talk about his in more detail later.

The Wound is the collapse of the authentic self into the abyss of the deficient self. The authentic Self needs nothing. It is prior to any needing, but all of this is just words. It cannot be realized until we see our individual and personal Wound.
Q. And how does one “see” this Wound? What is the Wound?
L. The Wound is the decisive attack on the essential self when it is most vulnerable, i.e., shortly after birth in this dimension.
So when the young person is seen as flawed by the life givers or even as not sacred, just a thing to be molded by discipline, then the authentic self becomes covered over by the scab of the Wound. The young person needs only thing; unconditional love for what IT IS AS IT IS. It needs to be held and touched for that is how we express love. This, alas, does not happen, even in the most loving and well intended families. In nearly all families, conditions are placed on love and acceptance. Few children fully meet these conditions.
What happens is quite the opposite.
The child is often left alone in the terror and the isolation of its own room – even in its first weeks with its life givers. Thus, at the very start of life the Wound begins. Then when the child gets older, it is often forced to be isolated, corrected, seen as the source of parental conflict – even in loving and supportive families, there is usually the assumption that the child is not perfect. This is, of course, a lie. The child is perfect and requires no discipline regarding its essential self.
Q. And what is that great lie Mr. Liberation?
L. It gets the idea (the lie) that there is something fundamentally wrong with the newborn child. It is defective. It is not altogether right. It is not fully deserving of love. On some levels, it is rejected. The child has not received the one thing it needs; unconditional acceptance on HER terms. Thus is formed the Wound. The belief in our innate inadequacy is the primal lie.
Q. So what happens next?
L. The Wound is agony. It cannot be tolerated. It cannot be allowed to stay as it is (for most of us – there are exceptions, but we might get to that later).
The Wound results in two outcomes. One, the child learns the very harsh lesson that in this life, love is earned, and two, that as she is, she will fail to earn this love, so that the person needs to become someone else. Thus begins the life of ceaseless seeking, ceaseless searching for an improved ME.  This becomes a Fear-Self. The Fear-Based self takes many forms, such as the achiever, the pleaser, the seeker, the terrified one, the loner, the expert, and quite a few others. This is the false self within which we become lost and spend a lifetime trying to improve. Until this fear-based self is seen for exactly what it is, we will never find the balance that is the innate nature of the authentic self. It is insecurity in pursuit of security. This is, of course, a hopeless and vain endeavor.
Q. So what happens of the authentic Self?
L. It gets covered over. It gets covered over first by the Wound and then by the Fear-Based selves. The full immersion into the lie of this existence. But, the authentic self  is never lost and, in fact, it is always within us alive and well even amid the life of the Wound and the Fear-Selves; it just becomes a very quiet dimension of our conditioned self. We could talk about the authentic self living amid the fear-selves sometime. It’s a fascinating topic.
Hey my very good friend, I’m getting a little tired of all this talk talk talk. I need to do some errands.
Q. Could we continue this fascinating discussion tomorrow?
L. Hopefully yes, until then, good bye.


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