Dialogue #3: The Expert Digression with Our Pals Q and L

Q. Hey, just one more thing. May I?



L. Fire away.
Q. You said that you are an Expert. Am I correct?
L. Yes
Q. What are you an Expert of?
L. That’s a very good question?
Q. I just think that maybe you’re doing your fear based thing, based on your own words.
L. Maybe I am. Who would care?
Q. I do. We are truth seekers and now it seems you’re just playing a big game with us. Frankly, I’m feeling a little bit used by you.
L. I’m not using you. Let me explain.
The Wound and our Fear-Selves are our destiny. I am fulfilling the voice of my own Wound, but with a decisive change.
Q. What is that?

Mr. L

Mr. L

L. There are two categories of doing – maybe more, but for our purposes, let’s limit it to two. There is doing based on inadequacy (this refers to the action of a Fear-Self) and there is doing based on the collapse of our primal identification (this is action unrelated to a Fear-Self); the innate belief in our own inadequacy, insufficiency, and worthlessness. This is the place you need to connect to without the compensatory mechanism of the fear-based self. This is the authentic self. Are you following me?
Q. Nope.
L. When I’m identified with inadequacy, I need to be the expert. I NEED to be. My happiness depends on you listening to me and thinking something like, “wow isn’t he smart”, “isn’t he enlightened”, “isn’t he an ancient soul” and so on. The inadequate expert is seeking respect and love. We should not see this as a problem, but just as a manifestation of our invalidation in this life. But when the trance with inadequacy is severed this personality construct is seen as unnecessary – empty. Now I’m talking for the fun of it. That is love and connection. You see, the Wound is not, in itself a problem. Rather it possesses it refracts the light from our authentic self.
Q. Now you lost me.
L. This should make it clear.
We are like an onion. We have layers and, just like an onion, these layers are porous. The allow the light of our authentic self to pass through them. Our center, the part that connects to that which is rooted in the tao (Christ Consciousness, God, the Great Spirit, etc.), is the authentic self. This is the deepest part. Next comes the Wound – which forms our psychological personality. The Fear-Selves (Expert, Pleaser, Spiritualist, etc.) are the third layer. The fourth layer is our life itself. That makes for four porous layers. ALL the light comes from the authentic self, so even the dark Wound is illuminated by its light. Are you following me?
Q. Yes, to my surprise, I am.
L. So when the trance with the Lie is severed, our Wound and our Fear-Selves are transmuted into key structural elements of the Living Self. How they are transmuted and how they express themselves is unique to every living being. That’s why only you can find your … Song. This is the stepping into the light.
This is the Law of Liberation from the Lie.

It is also dismounting from the high horse of the ego.
Q. So, you’re saying that we never really transcend the Wound and its Fear-Selves?
L. Yep. They are not transcended, they are transmuted. They are no longer the pivot of our lives. The true pivot is the authentic self. It has no positions, no shape, no goals, no thoughts, no feelings … it is the field of all existence.
Q. Thank you Mr. Liberation


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