Compassion Vs. Projection by Christine Wushke

What can I do about the suffering in the world? If the world is an illusion, why do I feel so much sadness about children starving, and animals suffering?

There is a difference between compassion that unconditionally loves and acts in the world, and projecting your inner pain onto the world. Only you can know what is what. Is there anything left inside you that is suffering? If so, deal with that first. If not, then you are being moved by compassion. If that is the case you will be called to service, you will know what to do in each moment, because true compassion is balanced with wisdom, and clarity. Each moment consciousness moves you through life with total clarity, and you will just know what to do. Compassion will at times push you to act, and to DO something, but if it is from a clear place within, you will just know… suffering no anguish…just consciousness moving itself consciously in life….moment to moment.



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