Surfing the Wind from Christine Wushke

One day i was meditating and looking out my window a this gorgeous tree blowing in the breeze. I had been contemplating for a time about the concept of control, “was i really in control of my life?” Was the question present a the time. . I was watching how the leaves so effortlessly just blow in the breeze…they are just blown in such freedom and ease. I started to feel as if i was one of those leaves, LIFE being the wind, and this “me” being the leaf. An insight came into this space of inner stillness… that from the perceptive of this one could there be such a thing as to control where it blows? The leaf is such a small object, being moved by such a large and powerful force. The thought came..”surrender”…”ahhh so this is surrender…to let go, and to allow yourself to be blown”, thought said. With that there was a deep resting and trusting this powerful force that was the wind, and this “me” as effortlessly being blown like the leaf.

Time passed and again i was meditating one day in deep contemplation watching the very same tree, and those leaves blowing in the wind. This day as insight came a new thought arose “ahhhhhh but i am the WIND, AND the leaf”. The resting, trusting, and surrender then moved to a new level of awareness….being the wind and the leaf meant there was a direction with which this flow of wind was intelligently moving. The wind knows where the leaf will go. Consciousness is moving itself consciously. At that time insight was present, but mind was chaotic as this was a very new way to look at the world, and this “me” as a moving force in the world. Yet the stillness behind the chaos was truly vast…and from within this vastness consciousness moved itself into the mind… Into the chaos and said. “invite everything into this space, all is welcome to flow in harmony like this” And so the leaf was given permission to flow as it always had, yet, with a new excitement, and a new joy, (a joy comparable to a child learning to swing in the park or surf in the ocean.) it was now leaning to surf the wind, and move through this life one with the wind, living AS the wind, AND the leaf, as a dance. What joy and freedom to be a leaf living and blowing with the wind felt within it…AS the wind and everything in it.


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