Mr. Q talks to Mr. Liberation About America's Future

Q. I didn’t know you’re an expert on current affairs. Since you asked me to chat with you about the future of the United States, I have to assume that you believe you are.
L. I’m not, but I’m no dummy.
Q. Are you sure about that?
L. I am quite sure.

Q. Convince us!
L. Well for starters, I will tell you what will happen in this Empire of ours’
Q. I can’t wait (winks sarcastically to the huge audience assembled for this historic event).
L. Well, just to get things off to a rousing start; it’s goin’ down. America has been a house of cards since sometime in the latter half of the 20th century, when we decided to be debtors with huge cajones. It worked for awhile, but it’s not going to work much longer. Our cajones aren’t quite as big as they once were and our debt has grown astronomically. It’s kind of funny -as our debt grew, our cajones shrunk. And that’s just the beginning. This ship – it’s goin’ down.
Q. You almost sound happy. Are you?
L. No, but I’m a little scared.
Q. Why? I thought you are an enlightened master.
L. You think too much my friend.
Q. So why the fear.
L. Well, lots of Americans have lots of guns and when the crap starts hitting the fan … well, you know, anything can happen. It could get crazy. I suspect it will.
Q. Do you own a gun?
L. Are you kidding? Of course not.
Q. So you’re scared about your own safety.
L. That could happen, but I’m more concerned about others – younger than me who will have to do a lot of new planning about their futures. Hard times are on the horizon for most of us.
Q. How do you know this is true?
L. Because the world is sick and tired of propping up our bankrupt financial system. They are sick and tired of bankrolling our military adventures all over the world. They are sick and tired of being told what to do and how to do it by Uncle Sam.
You see the time of the American Empire is coming to an end. I’m reminded of a brilliant line said many years ago by a great American economist Jane Jacobs. She said, that the Soviet Union and the United States like to predict the collapse of the other. Neither will be disappointed.
Not to mention that we have a boatload of crappy karma to boot, let’s not get into slavery, cruel classism, the theft of the land itself from its rightful owners – I could go on forever, so don’t get me started.
I haven’t even gotten started on the further erosion of our financial well being through skyrocketing medical costs and the 800 pound environmental catastrophe gorilla sitting over there in the corner, just now rousing himself out of his slumber.
Q. You sound pretty confident.
L. I am.
Q. Do you have any advice for those out there, if what you say will, indeed, come to pass?
L. Well … don’t get caught with your pants down, if you know what I mean. Be prepared as you can be.
But seriously, there is a great opportunity here, if we are wise enough to see it and I believe we might be.
Q. What is that Mr. L?
L. It is to step with confidence into the next phase of the human story. To end the divisions that separate us, to love the earth as ourselves, to put hate aside, to end our addiction to so much stuff, to start doing the heavy lifting of transformation.
You see there is no solution, there is only the seeing that we are all connected in the same web of life.
When you will be able to start a campfire with US cash without the slightest perturbation, other channels will open up – that’s what I mean about being prepared. Find your identity as Life FIRST, then all the rest will fall into place.
Q. Thank you Mr. L. I am humbled.
L. Thank you Mr. Q, I am but you.


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