Liberation – the Next Step – Celebrate the Outcast


The spiritual philosophy content of this site is now finished. I’ve said all that I can say. It’s now time to usher in the new age of authentic liberation.

We have seen how the whole of the “deficient” self is an inevitable outcome of the system’s requirement to debase the child and re-create him as a compliant, fearful human being designed to take orders and do what he is told. We have seen how the child is debased by the family and how the systems of formal education continue their essential mission to further weaken us through a war of fear and the demand for obdience.

We are told, right from the get go, that if we fail to do what we are told, that we will fail in life, and that if we fail in school, we will become outcasts. I say celebrate the outcast. The truly liberated person is an outcast. It is she who has seen through the many veils of fear. Let’s become outcasts together!

It is time to come alive to who we are – whether it be a dancer, a scientist, or a revolutionary. This is the liberation of love for if I love the body and what the body can do, then I might want to dance, if I love the complex interplay of energy and matter, then I might become a scientist, and if I love the planet as a living organism, then I might want to foment revolution.

Ultimately, our liberation is living our love – being completely true to ourselves.

In this journey we must never loose touch with the light heart. Yes there are times for grave seriousness, but there are also times to sometimes just see the absurdity of the linear type of mind that believes that if we only do this, then we will have finally arrived.

All of this is the playful and serious interplay of energy. Getting a feel for the current, knowing when to surrender to the flow, knowing when to make waves – are all a part of the game.

If it were anything different, it wouldn’t be liberation.


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