Waking up takes only one thing – the full emergence of nothingness. And that arises under the right conditions. It can happen for you.

Here is a direct path to your essential self.

1. Get a sense of yourself distinct from all sense impressions, thoughts, and feelings;
2. There should be no sense of “I” or “me” to this sub-impression essence (we will see that the “I/me” sensation consists entirely of the nature and quality of passing thoughts/feelings).
3. Now think of a situation in the past that you dreaded – totally feared. When this situation happened was this sub-impression of self changed in any way?
4. You should notice that it wasn’t changed.
5. The sub-impression self that existed prior to the fears and prior to the dreaded event came out of each of these processes unscathed and unchanged (despite the near constant ruminations of the mind, nothing whatsoever has the power to change our essential selves).
5A. If nothing can touch our essential being, knowing that nothing whatsoever, no matter how terrifying and awful it might appear, can affect our essential being, then:
5B. We realize that there is nothing ever to fear; and
5C. That there is nothing to anticipate with the thought that nothing projected as positive will affect us in any way either. The essential self has utterly no relationship with what the Mindbody perceives as negative or positive.
6. All that changes is the Mindbody – the essential self never changes no matter what is happening in the world.
7. Every sense impression, thought, and feeling is of the Mindbody.
8. We produce the impression of change through the Mindbody’s interpretation of having “good” or “bad” days. Notice how all such interpretations refer to the Mindbody’s sense that is has gained something or avoided something “bad”.
9. The Mindbody is a thing – a noun and it lives in a world exclusively populated by things.

Now really absorb all that has been written here. You see that you have no past and no future. There is nothing to fear and you have nothing to look forward to that will enhance your essential self. This is perfect and absolute freedom to be as life wants you to be in this very moment. See that this is perfectly true.

10. Notice that the “observer” prior to full awakening is only the Mindbody assuming the role of observer.
10A. Really reflect on #10. The witness you’ve read all about is merely another aspect of the MindBody.

Now get a feel for the essential self that precedes even the Mindbody’s witness.

It is nothing – perfect and utter stillness – going nowhere – possessing nothing.

That is waking up.

This video by Mooji expresses a very similar pathway:

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