One Day I'm a Great Guy and on Another I'm an Asshole

One of these stories is true.

I am a great guy. I feel great and I do great things. A lot of people have really been impressed by what I have done in my life. Does this surprise you? It probably doesn’t, because you probably think I’m smart and evolved and cultured and so many other wonderful things. Isn’t life great?

But suddenly I discover:

I’m an asshole. I feel shitty and I haven’t done crap in my life. So many people know that I’m an asshole. This probably doesn’t surprise you.I assume that you know that I’m a total bullshitter and a big phony. Life can really suck.

Ahhhhhh – stories.

Life is really going to open up for me. Life is hopeless. I’m running out of money and I am so fucked.

I would die to get enlightened. Enlightenment is bullshit.

People are basically good. People are basically assholes.

The tea is getting cold. I gotta go. Bye.

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