How Should I Live "My Life"?

Isn’t this the question that all philosophies ultimately point? How should I live my life?

Let’s not get too abstract here. What do I do now? Is there a difference in doing between an enlightened person and someone who is not enlightened? Or are we just throwing up concepts like doing and enlightened?

Before getting all tied up in knots, consider the following: if we cannot determine the right from the wrong, then maybe using these terms is not the best way to respond to this question.

This is what I’ve noticed: there are two types of doing. That which is spontaneous and is not mediated by thought or reflection and that which is mediated by thought and reflection. And even in the second case, what we actually wind up doing, is often not related to how we reflected on a decision. It all just seems to happen quite spontaneously. We might look back on various ‘happenings’ and notice predictable patterns, but even that looking back also just happens.

The more you investigate and really explore this question the more unanswerable it appears to be. I have found that as I have investigated it, it start to loose all of its apparent meaning.

Where does that leave us? It leaves us with a very important realization; that the question itself is meaningless. Thus, nearly all philosophy is also without meaning or purpose.

Now what?

It leaves us with the realization that what we call life is usually meant to mean “my life” and we must realize that how we carve out “my life” from all the rest of life is the very essence of separation and duality. Does that make focusing on “my life” bad (ha-ha)? Obviously not, because we cannot escape the slice of experience that enters into our actual physical and psychological domain.

But what if we were to experiment just a little. Let’s try tossing out the whole concept of “my life”. By “tossing it out” I mean to fully negate its reality – that the expression “my life” is an illusion – utterly without merit or reality.

Where does that leave “us”? Doesn’t it make you feel at least a little uncomfortable? Aren’t you suddenly stuck with nowhere and no place to go? Doesn’t the mind get anxious seeking a place to attach itself – a story to create out of the seeming nothingness of THIS???

Doesn’t it leave us with just THIS???

*Also please notice that the act of watching and observing life is also another act happening in your life. It is not meditation – it is not witnessing. It is “you” doing “something”. That is also a popular false variant of the spiritual life. But don’t worry, watching is, itself, unsustainable. It will morph into something else.

What if an important task falls our way as it inevitably will? Well then – isn’t that just THIS as well? What if a great idea occurs to me, shouldn’t I pursue it? Well, isn’t that also just THIS???

Thought and feeling are seen to be not unlike every other “thing” – just an object. Some objects strongly attract our attention, but most barely register in consciousness. Notice how insults very strongly attract your attention. What does that mean for you?

But let’s get back our current journey – what then is changed when we intentionally negate the concept of “my life”?

Isn’t it all just this?

Try seeing yourself as both the center and circumference of everything in consciousness. You become this THIS and are all the things that happen in this THIS!

You’ll see that you can’t help being THIS.

But perhaps what you really see is the utter, comical meaninglessness of the question itself. You know exactly how to live your life now, but it might have eluded you because you believed in the concept of “my life”. Now that has taken care of itself. And, isn’t that true liberation?

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