A Personal Statement

I wrote this in response to someone who accused me of being a fake and a kind of spiritual know it all.

Contrary to what you might believe or project, I am not, in the slightest attached to my views. They happen and then they unhappen. Like anyone else, I can amass supporting evidence and I can question supporting evidence. All of this happens as a consequence of mind. But (and this is the absolutely honest and strait forward truth) I don’t have a clue how or why it happens – nor do I question or analyze it. If I sound like an intellectual, it’s only because I was raised and conditioned that way. It means absolutely nothing. It is what it is.

But, truly, the experience of life absent of my own thought constructs HAS become apparent to me and I am absolutely not special or unusual or lucky or gifted. I don’t care about teachers or about Buddha or about any phrase. We invest pointers with WAY too much authority. I have really only one thing to say and that is this – find your own authority in this moment and everything truly does becomes clear. This has nothing whatsoever to do with will power or practice. It’s just about getting a sense of the whole personal identity as it expresses itself as and through thought. When the personal is experienced as just another happening on the whole field of happenings – in that moment you are free.

That is my only teaching and the only way to that teaching can only be your way.

I don’t pretend to be anyone’s teacher. I write only for my own enjoyment. If it bothers you, then so be it. If you enjoy it, then that’s fine too.

There is no difference between my bodymind and your bodymind. We are the same on that level. Like many others, I no longer possess this bodymind as mine. End of story.

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