Stop the Spiritual Bullshit and Connect with Life NOW

Wake up. Do what needs doing and forget the self. Forget spiritual teaching. It’s designed for cowards and people with way too much time on their hands. Liberate yourself from your own bullshit. The problem is, for so many of us, is that we are way too much in love with our own bullshit. Get over yourself and find freedom in life. Here’s the recipe.

There are two kinds of knowing. The first comes from our culture and our socialization. This is a form of knowing that is learned. As a result of this learning, I’ve come to know that the capital of Illinois is Springfield.

The other form of knowing is part of our essential nature. It relies on no formal education or coming from a family that encouraged education. This form of knowing is immediate.

You might say a racists hating of a black man is immediate. But I would say that no human can hate another on account of his appearance. That form of knowing must be learned. Racism and intolerance is learned. It is cultivated in the fields of fear and exclusion.

There exists a wholly different realm of knowing. It is NOT my knowing or YOUR knowing. It is OUR knowing. It is as natural as the tides that govern the oceans or the sudden migration of falcons as they fly north each spring. It is no different from the blood that flows through our veins.

This is the knowing that resides in each of us as beings of life. Life loves life and this love is expressed as the knowing that is inclusive and knows fear as the rough and ready power that can undermine our natural knowing. For when we have lost our tether with our Authentic Selves and we take fearful refuge in the time and culture bound knowing of human institutions, then we have severed the cord that connects us with all of life and with the origin of life.

If this is confusing then let’s be very direct.

What goes for spiritual teaching is mostly bullshit. It’s designed for self-infatuated people seeking even more ways to engage their pathetic selves.

The spiritual drive to concoct ever more sophisticated ways to spiritual happiness is a nauseating spectacle of the well off, in their tireless journey of even more self infatuation. Take off the mask and they all look like Homer Simpson – anxiously waiting for the next infomercial promising them a new way to get nirvana. Get the fuck over yourselves and just do the right thing now.

2500 years ago the Buddha directed his followers (who were monks) to sit on their butts and watch their thoughts and know that they were not their thoughts. Instead they were the ones observing their thoughts. Do you ‘see’ the problem in this? The one asserted to be watching is also a thought! There is no escaping thought. So stop sitting and wake up to what life is calling you to do.

Endless sitting might have worked for monks living in 500 BC, but it doesn’t work anymore. Get off your butts and start doing the right thing. And, if you’re confused about what the right thing is, know that it is what comes naturally. It is the second type of knowing. It calls us to do what needs doing now. Make your bed. Spend time with your kids. Rest if you’re tired. Eat if you’re hungry.

Let life by your guide. It will not fail you. Rather, you will fail you, but life never will. There is really only one activity that needs to be seriously questioned and that’s even more self-engagement. Forget the self. It too will take care of itself. The more alive you are to life, the more real life will be. Ninety-nine percent of spiritual teaching is bullshit. It is a very convenient way to avoid and deny life. The time has come to move past this phase.

I would rather say – sit on your butt and die (kind of like a zen teaching – ha ha). The more you are THIS life, the less you will concern yourself with the illusory self. Don’t think. Do.

  1. #1 by Amartya Kundu on September 26, 2010 - 11:20 am

    Bloody good article. This spirituality stuff is a complete Bullshit.

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