Words to Live By

Here are a series of aphorisms or simple statements that I have found to be true. They are not in any particular order. I just wanted to keep it short and sweet.

Everything is connected. We are all related. We are made of the stuff of stars and the energy that animates our bodies and our life is exactly the same energy that animates everything else in the universe. On this one truth, everything rests.

Yet, everything happening is integral to itself.

You are real. Reject all teachings that negate the self (I will send you a list of such teachings upon request).

Awareness is part of any and every happening, but it is not exclusive to itself.

There is a single energy that underlies all happenings.

You are unique – like a snowflake is unique.

The only purpose of liberation is to see how your parents, your society, your culture and you yourself have invalidated and negated your essential being.

Sing and dance your song.

Don’t be afraid of your own emotions.

Ultimately, you are your only healer, teacher, and guru.

Trust the real.

Trust life.

Support what your heart believes in.

Ask others to support you when you need it.

Express your appreciation to another when your heart feels that energy.

Hate and division based on belief (the unreal) is a call for healing, not punishment.

Anger, depression, and sadness are normal human emotional experiences and are not to be negated.

I will add to this list now and then. Keep tuned.

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