Do You Want to be Somebody?

If you want to be somebody, then you’re still a seeker. You’re on a path that can only go in a circle.

Can you see that so many of us want to be a somebody? We’re all seeking something … love, money, recognition, enlightenment. We say to ourselves, “If I’m not successful, then I’m going to be a nobody.”

The key of liberation is SELF realization. What does that mean? It means, literally, to realize the self and the self that needs to be realized is who you are prior to the self that went out into the world seeking itself. The moment you start the endless journey struggling to be someone else, then you have wandered in the desert of endless seeking.

The SELF of self-realization is who you were prior to any seeking. We may not remember who that person is, because we have become entranced by the oh so serious game of seeking. We have wandered so far into the desert, that we have lost touch with our Authentic Being.

If you want to return, for this is an act of return, we just STOP the hunt and investigate this very now without any need to find what is NOT THERE!

The SELF of self-negation is that which imitates, emulates, puts on a pedestal, an image that our already negated mind asserts is the person I need to be. This journey started a long time ago and it’s now time to return home.

We embrace ourselves without shame or reservation. To live a truthful and honest life, first we need to be true to ourselves. If that means we get angry, frustrated, irritated with others and all those other “non-spiritual” states of mind, then so be it. All emotions and feelings and thoughts are simply aspects of the personality. They come and go, but even that is an integral part of ourselves.

To be true to ourselves means to be who we are without the energy of self-rejection and all that entails. The moment we cease invalidating our essential nature, in that same moment we will have found our essential nature.

It couldn’t be simpler.

And when reading this brief post, please don’t make the error of trying to be nobody for nobody is just another somebody. No one is no one.

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