Who and What is the Thought Body?

In what goes for spiritual education, how often are told to observe our thoughts?

In this post I would like to pose a somewhat different question. I am asking you to view the “persona” of all of your thoughts.

Instead of looking at this thought and that thought, I want you to look at the whole body of the thinking self. What is this body look like? What is its overall disposition? Is it friendly? Does it have a sense of humor? Is it very serious? Is it often critical? Does it make special demands of life?

Really try to find out the overall nature of your thinking body. Get a definite sense of who this person is.

When you get a really concrete sense of who and what this thinking body is, you can really understand it, but even better, you can begin living your life without this unseen thought body controlling and dominating everything.

You see the body of thought is a machine-like slave driver. And what makes its power possible is that it is too deeply enmeshed with the observing energy of the Authentic Self. You will discover that all of your deficiency ideations and the endless seeking that these thoughts give birth to are entirely within the body of thought.

But when you see this body as distinct from the observing energy – suddenly! – it is exposed. It is exposed to be a false power – an impostor.

Yes, thought has great beauty to it and yes, thinking is essential to living this life, but it doesn’t have or need to be the slave master.

I just want to mention a little of my own experience with this exercise. I found that the Thought/Body tended to be a very serious persona (a lot more serious than I would prefer to be) and quick to find fault with others – as well as myself. I also discovered that the Thought/Body is very quick to drawing assumptions about life situations, as well as, wanting ‘things’ to go faster. Its orientation to speed seemed very different from the actual movement of life. The issue of time and thought is a theme that is explored in detail in my book, Liberation from the Lie. If this is a subject that intrigues you, I would recommend that you check out the chapter on Time and Thought.

But first you must really get a sense of what this body thought body is. Study it like a scientist studies an object. Be as objective as you can.

The instant you disengage yourself from the thought body an incredible exhilaration will fill your body and what you have been seeking all of your life will suddenly be discovered to be none other than yourself.

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