The Beauty of Anger: Finding Your Soul in Truth

Did you know that anger can be an expression of love?

One of the problems with so much talk that goes for “spiritualism” is its insistence that persistent quietude is an essential quality to the awakened state. I would say that self-hypnotization that self-coerces one’s self into vegetative quietude is a sickness of the heart.

When we suppress our legitimate anger, we are, simultaneously, suppressing not only our spirit, but our love as well. And this is a key flaw to what is thought to be spiritual philosophy.

Until we are free to express our anger, we are not free at all.

Once we become rooted in our connection to All, the magnitude of injustice and cruelty in the world becomes manifest. Once this is seen by the heart/mind, we risk abandoning our dignity as human beings if we insist on rejecting what is clearly seen and felt.

We must live with the truth of cruelty and violence. No other truthful way exists for us in this day and age.

In this way our connection with All also opens up our connection with our source of righteous indignation. We must become angry at a world clearly at war with itself. We must become angry with a corporate/political machine that uses the poor and the working class to die in its wars of aggression so that it can expand its power, control and wealth.

Until this realization becomes crystal clear to you, you will be so much more vulnerable to be used by those who would like nothing better than to use you. The question becomes, do you want to live your life as a tool so that the corporate elites can suck your vitality or would you want to live as your Authentic Self? To be or not to be is the question.

This is the political message of Liberation from the Lie. For those of you who have read my book, you have seen, how the the development of mass agriculture and urbanization, depended on our collective identification with psychological deficiency. It’s not a simple story and it’s not one that I can summarize in this brief post, but know that the day when women became designated child bearers and men became workers, on that same day the Rule of Self Deficiency became manifest. The explosive development of civilization would not be possible without the rule of Fear and Fear thrives on our belief in our own deficiency. They are two sides of the same coin.

Civilization, as it has evolved in human culture, needs fear to create order. Unless rulers (owners, priests, etc.) are feared, their control evaporates. Power must be transferred from the many to the few. And even the “lucky” few must continuously look over their shoulders to identity those who would usurp them.

This is akin to the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, which is a nearly perfect metaphor to this transformation that enabled the growth of modern civilization. Power must be concentrated among the few – the elite – and we much fully believe in our powerlessness. This is the root and explanation for essentially all violence, mental illness, depression, and all the other monsters that prowl our psychological worlds.

The time has come to wake the fuck up! It begins with a loving NO! – No I will disabuse myself of the belief in my own deficiency. I am a sacred being complete and whole. A life of integrity means being true to my sacredness and my connection to all that is. This stage of civilization must now begin to end. We must revive our love with the infinitude of our connections.

In this way Love appears as anger in love with itself. This is not a call for cruelty or maliciousness, but simply a waking up to the truth that we have too long suppressed in ourselves.

Let these words become your words. Starting today I will no longer play the deficiency role. As I love my own integrity, I love the integrity of everything that is. But the forces that insist that I persist in my deficiency, this I will no longer tolerate. I will not be used by the war-mongers, the corporations and their greed, and I will no longer fight their wars or buy their earth killing crap.

I am a human being with the wisdom that allows me to be capable of seeing through their lies and innuendo. I know that they appear caring only if we obey them, that the moment we resist we will see their true selves – ugly and violent. And then the true war for the heart of the earth will begin.

This is love as anger.

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