The Simplest Key to Happiness

The simplest key is this:

To see how the search for external security – power – control – happiness ONLY results in more seeking.

That’s it.

When we see that it is the search in the external world that is our exclusive source of pain, we are drawn back to being – our true home.

If there is a practice at all it is ONLY to see the pain created by seeking. The practice is NOT trying to be. That will happen all on its own. See only the frustration that always accompanies seeking. See the seeking in both its “material” (things – tangible – insights) and “temporal” sense (always looking to some future and/or moving away from some past). These are the dead ends.

Don’t try to stop seeking. That is another important error. It will continue until it doesn’t. Let it be.

The state of being let’s everything be!

Being is here and now free of any need or pull to seek. It will happen for you the more you directly experience the pain and hopelessness of seeking.

That is all.

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