Experiencing the Authentic Self: A Guided Meditation

First let’s get grounded.

Everything you believe and think you are is a concept. It is not your authentic self. Even the most intimate sense of yourself is based on concepts. See every thought and belief you have about yourself, especially those you take most seriously (like your inevitable death, your loves and attachments, your values) as products of culture and conditioning. They are not your intrinsic self.

Right now, get a sense of who you think you are. Try to obtain a sense of what this feels like as:

Bodily sensations (gross and subtle).

All of these thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations (especially the subtle ones) is just many years of repeated conditioning. All is concept.

Now the meditation.

Instead of identifying yourself as ANY concept or bodily sensation, get a sense of your being – what is already there without any thought whatsoever.

Don’t identify with the awareness. That is another object. Resist that temptation!

Just be.
Now just be without any belief or concept you have about yourself.
Continue just being.
Continue being through the next activity. As you experience whatever comes next, know that the thought that you are a doer is just the arising of the conceptual and false self into consciousness.

We tend to regress back to identification with our conceptual self and overlook the underlying being, which is our Authentic Self.

Continue just being as everything arises.

See how your personal sense of self will want to assert its dominance – its primacy! See that process as it happens as just another object, no different from the chair you’re sitting on. Just noise – the fake you – the false you – the habitual you.
Continue seeing the difference between the conditioned, cultural, and physical you with that just being.

Being has no conceptual qualities – it just is … birthless … deathless … intoxicating … wondrous.

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