Free at Last

Who am I?

Who asks this question?

It could only be me. couldn’t it? Which brings us back to our original question, who is this me?

We are in a loop. Where does the loop begin? Where does it end?

It begins with a thought, doesn’t it? Isn’t that who this “I/me” is? A lonely thought is seeking a new thought. Confusion seeks order … completion.

Observe this sentence … The I or me I THINK I am can only be a thought. It MUST be a thought, after all, it is an inevitable outcome of thinking. I think, therefore I am.

“I think I’m me.” Isn’t that it?

Are you a thought? Are you a thought referring to other thoughts?

No matter how many thoughts the I/me may link to, they are all just thoughts. See this!

Let’s make this discussion a little simpler. Is the chair you’re sitting on a thought? Before reading another word, try answering that question.

Isn’t the chair something … an object.

Are you an object?

We seem to have a problem here. What we are witnessing is this:

Seeking is one thought seeking another thought. A thought can only recognize another thought. It is a whole universe of thoughts.

So where does that leave us?

We can say this, that one day it will dawn on us, that seeking, as we understand that word, is NOT the way. It is a hopeless, loopy diversion. It is the old, the time bound, the hopeless. It is a life on a treadmill made by thought itself.

We must know that we are not a thought (or are we?).

The seeking game is motivated by desire and desire is the root of endless suffering. It is craving, bare and vast. It is the limitless abyss of the lack sense seeking something … anything to fill it up.

What sees this? What understands this?

What is seeing enthused with understanding? What is understanding enthused with seeing?

It is who we are, when it is very clearly seen that we are not a thought/object.

Remember only a thought can crave a better thought. It is a game designed for only one purpose, to show us who we are not. If you take only one ‘idea’ from this post, please take this: that we sustain a life of quiet suffering when we are motivated to fulfill any desire to find the self. Seeking is this very suffering, you seek to escape. When you see every desire as just the flight from suffering, then in that instant the illusory ego is vanquished and the true way of enjoying this very moment opens up to you and the universe rejoices.

We are that which is objectless, unseen, and invisible. But it is not emptiness … it is fullness, always ready, unknowable, mysterious, unborn, without attributes. As it is said in the Tao Te Ching, mystery opening to mystery. Desireless, I see it all.

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