You Don’t Have to Believe in this World

All beliefs are false, including the belief in this world. If you believe in this world, then a part of your authentic being is closed from the truth of this moment. When you sever the entranced social tethers of this world, a new light will be allowed to shower down onto you. It is the light of your own liberation – for the self of this world is a slave.

If you could get into a time machine and go back in time, say to the time of the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, you would feel like a distant observer to a world whose ways and organization would be very mysterious to you. You would be able to see this world in a way that no person who actually lived in that era experienced it, for you would not be a believer in that world. You would not have absorbed its many mores and taboos. You would be an outsider seeing that distant time with eyes unblemished by belief.

In just the same way, you don’t have to believe in this world. You could see all of your own beliefs and points of view as interesting artifacts of this world, but they don’t define or govern you.

You could be free of this package of institutional beliefs. What would that feel like? How might that freedom change your life? How might it transform what you believe and feel about yourself?

When I stop believing in this world, I don’t reject it. On the contrary, I accept it in its amazing totality. It’s “isness” is a source of wonder. But I no longer believe in it.

I don’t have to believe anything, but I am driven to see it all as it is – a dream of a culture – the very culture in which my body/mind was born into, but no longer needs to be a slave to.

For this world is changing and when you believe in it, the very world you take to be real, is just a fragmentary shard from a time already past and dead.

The moment I truly cease believing in this world, I am no longer a slave to it. If I wish, I am free to enjoy it and I am free to walk away from its monuments to itself.

This is a big part of the journey to your own liberation.

When you feel yourself getting drawn back into the madness and insanity of believing in any collective world view, let that be the moment of awakening and return. Begin to see with eyes reborn – a direct emanation from your liberated, awakened self.

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