America Sucks

Actually, only the very richest americans suck. And, ironically, you and me are the suckers.

Why do the ultra rich suck?

They suck because they have set up the country’s political system to create a massive sucking system that allows them to suck all of the wealth out of the country. They affix their super massive lips onto our bodies, towns, cities, states, and everything else and then they surround all of that with their lips and then they start sucking. And they keep on sucking.

Being good little boys and girls, we have allowed them to suck and suck to their eensy teensy heart’s content. And as time passes the power of their sucking grows and grows. It’s so big now that we have been deafened by the sucking noise and can no longer hear it.

One day we will wake up (get it?) and realize that we have been sucked dry. The ultra rich will have sucked their fill and then they too will dissipate on the dead branches of history in their lonely villas and mansions – in their personal jets – on their yachts. And it will all …


and their super fat bodies will plummet to the bottom on account of their bloat.

Few will be around to watch and celebrate.

But at least we can listen for the sucking and look them straight in the eye and with all of the guts and passion we can muster, we can say … “you shouldn’t be doing that.”

They won’t even blink – for sucking is really all they do. It’s all they know how to do.
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