Have you ever sent someone an email and when you don’t receive a timely reply you start thinking that they’re ignoring you or just plain rude? And when you have thoughts like that, there is some part of you that wants to tell them off? You want to, in some way, “get” at them.

Someone cuts you off while you’re driving and you feel in impulse to “get” back at them.

You’re reading something, maybe on this very site, and there’s a part of you that is annoyed by the tone and you just want to tell this person how wrong he is or what a jerk he sounds like?

Are you ever just walking in your neighborhood and you want to “get” the nature of existence?

Have you ever felt just pissed off at a situation and you would, somehow, just to show the world how you know better?

Have you been annoyed in a situation where you knew that you deserved and were entitled to receive attention from someone or a group and when you didn’t get it, you wanted to make a statement about what a bunch of jerks these people are, at least in that moment?

Do you ever feel left out from all of those others who do just “get” it?

This is all about “getting”. This energy of need to “get” something, whether it comes in the form of needing to understand or just “getting at” someone.

Try “getting” a feel for what this energy is like in your moment-to-moment existence – I am referring to any energy that needs to “get” at someone or a situation or need to “get” something.

When I’ve done this small exercise, I’ve noticed, often, on a very subtle level, just how common this experience of needing to “get” something or “get” at someone is. This doesn’t need to be an openly resentful attitude or action. Generally the energy is a quiet one that underlies many daily experiences … this need to “get”.

Now try noticing this other reality.

Notice how everything happens completely on its own. By the time you notice something, anything, it’s already happened. Everything in your life, without exception, has happened by the time you first notice it! You might think that it shouldn’t have happened or that it could be different from what it is, but it is as it is. And, it has happened just the way it has without you doing anything.

Everything has already happened by the time we notice it.

If you’re like me, you’ll notice that the thought, “what should I do now” or “what do I make of this”? are especially repetitive. But this universe they would seem to refer is entirely imaginary. It is the universe generated by our seemingly personal thoughts. The question, “what should I do now” implies that I need to change the flow of the universe.

In the Fall, thousands of leaves fall off the trees and I often have the task of raking them into piles so that they can be picked by the town. But the falling of the leaves, the thought of needing to do something, and the actual raking of the leaves all happen prior to our noticing that they have happened.

No matter what we think or believe, everything happens on its own. We see that in this very moment. But very, very few of us will absorb the full implications of this realization. We continue going about our lives believing that we operate on our own, separate from the rest of the universe. In this way, we sustain a whole world of beliefs that are clearly seen to be just plain wrong in our immediate experience right here – right now. This whole made up world of the mind is built on a foundation that we just can’t observe in our daily experience.

Everything happens on its own, but it’s just expressions of the One expressing itself as this.

There is nothing to be done and nothing to do. And there is no one who would do it.

So, what’s next? Answer: the next moment.

How might this realization effect you?

Here’s my take on it: when we are entranced by our false and imaginary world, the reference point is endlessly ME. It is me who always needs to “get” it. It is me who needs to be “getting” at someone or some situation. We see that energy and we feel that energy. We can’t just let all of this go, until we really see the operation of the imaginary, projected world in our everyday lives.

What we see is that we tend to re-create this rather unpleasant demanding person (me) nearly every time when we are trying to get something for a me who doesn’t actually exist as we believe it to be. This “getting” energy is always designed to please me. I am the eternal reference point endlessly harboring the belief that the world is wrong and I am right.

So what happens when we see that everything happens on its own?

We see that we are Life itself in this very moment. When we see that we are life itself – its holder and its seer, we can create in this moment in service to That. And when we are in service to That, what was once a prickly, needy energy, becomes a loving and caring energy that is engaged to Life as Life. We live as the One we truly are with a light and happy heart. But first you need to see if the contentions made in this post are really true for your life.

We learn when our most closely held beliefs are challenged by a post like this one and then we go about testing it in our actual lives. That is direct learning and direct experience. Give it a try and see what transformations are allowed to become real in your own life.

When the message of this post really ‘hits’ you, here is what will happen. You’ll just relax with life … in a kind of sustained amazement at everything that is wondrously happening in it. You will get off at the creative opportunities that will arise all on their own. The struggle will be over. Everything is perfect as it is and even if it manifests as pain or sorrow, that too will change and the show will continue in whatever way it does. The inner contraction just opens up and the beauty and wonder just flows and flows.

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  1. #1 by charmerci on August 10, 2010 - 4:42 am

    Does that mean if I GET this post, that I don’t actually get it??? 😀

  2. #2 by Eric on August 10, 2010 - 8:27 am

    You got it.

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